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Got no hot water from your Rheem water heater? Mr Emergency has expert Rheem plumbers who are just 3o minutes away* to get your hot water back.

Rheem Hot Water Since 1939

Rheem has been an iconic Australian brand for over 80 years, trusted for supplying hot water when you need it. We’d wager to say that your parents and even grandparents relied on Rheem for hot showers and washing the daily dishes.

Starting with a humble gas water heater in 1939, Rheem now offers hot water heaters to suit every home. Rheem is looking beyond just building hot water systems to serve your home though and are working towards “designing for zero waste”. This includes working to release a line of water heaters with a 50 per cent reduction in their greenhouse gas footprint and establishing a zero waste to landfill process in their global manufacturing operations.

Mr Emergency’s certified technicians rely on the Rheem range for energy-efficient hot water delivery in domestic settings.

24/7 Emergency Rheem Hot Water Service

If your Rheem hot water heater is making strange noises or has stopped providing that steady flow of hot water you know and love, you need a Rheem expert to get it working right again. Mr Emergency has Rheem experts available for same day service, and can even be at your home just 30 minutes after your call*!

Whether it’s a simple repair or a full system replacement, Mr Emergency’s expert technicians come prepared to get the job done then and there. Day or night, we come prepared with a fully stocked van ready to get the hot water back on the spot. What parts we don’t have, we can often source that same day or get them ordered in ASAP.

Regardless of what time or day you need help with your Rheem hot water system, Mr Emergency is available at the same price. Weekends, after hours and public holidays – it’s all the same to us.

You can rely on the Mr Emergency team for a reliable and professional Rheem water heater service that’s on time and efficient. So when a Rheem hot water system emergency strikes, you know who to call.

Rheem's Hot Water System Range

With over 80 years of providing hot water systems for homes across Australia, Rheem knows exactly what systems we need. That’s why there’s a wide range of Rheem hot water systems to suit all homes.

The Rheem hot water system range includes:

  • gas storage
  • electric storage
  • solar hot water
  • gas continuous flow
  • heat pumps
  • temperature controllers
  • flue components and accessories

So whether you’ve got access to natural gas for those instant hot showers or would prefer to opt for a heat pump that uses the energy in the surrounding air to supply your home with hot water, Rheem has you covered.
Mr Emergency has professional plumbers, gas fitters, and electricians who can install the best Rheem water heater for your home’s needs.

Rheem Hot Water Systems Price

We’ve all been there before, waiting for our next paycheck so we can finally get that job done around the home that you’ve been putting off. Unless you like cold showers, you can’t do this when your hot water heater has give up the ghost. You need it repaired now.

That’s where Mr Emergency’s $0 deposit, interest free payment plans** come in. With no deposit, these plans mean you can get your hot water back now rather than later.

Rather than paying it all upfront, manage repayments at a rate that suits your budget and lifestyle better. These plans can also be used for regular hot water system services so you can keep your system in top working order for years to come.

Ready for a Rheem expert to get your hot water back up and running? Call Mr Emergency now and we’ll arrange for one of our experienced plumbers to be with you in 30 minutes*.

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