Frequently Asked Questions about Electric Hot Water Systems

The best electric hot water system for your home will not be the same as the best one for another home. There are several things you need to consider when picking out your electric water heater:

    • How many people use hot water
    • What time they use hot water
    • What appliances use hot water
    • How much hot water your home uses
    • Climate
    • Budget
    • And much more!

A licensed plumber can assist you in selecting an appropriate electric hot water system for your home.

Electric storage tank hot water systems have 2 or more electric heating elements which heat water and store it for use. There are sacrificial anodes inside which preferentially rust to avoid your tank rusting.
This hot water is pumped to the appropriate fixture when you turn the hot water tap on to provide immediate hot water.
As the hot water is stored, some heat is lost as it sits in the tank unused.

You can expect most hot water systems to last 8-12 years. A well maintained one in good environmental conditions might even last you up to 20 years!
In order to last this long, your electric hot water system will require regular maintenance.