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Emergency gas leak repairs are not something that can only be done during business hours, which is why Mr Emergency offers a 24/7 service every day of the year.

Gas Leak Repairs

Mr Emergency is available 24/7 for any gas leak repairs. Gas leaks can be incredibly dangerous to you and your property. As we all know, gas is extremely flammable and even the tiniest spark could have severe consequences. That’s why we work 24/7 for emergency gas leak repairs and detection so that you don’t have to be at risk. We can even be at your door within an hour*. Contact us today.

Gas Leak Indicators

Gas in its natural form is odourless, so gas suppliers add a chemical to the fuel to give it a strong odour so that we can better detect it. This is referred to as a rotten egg smell, which is one of the first signs to indicate a gas leak. Some other indicators that may mean you have a gas leak are:

  • Hissing or whistling noises from a gas appliance
  • No hot water (if using a gas hot water system)
  • Changes in the colour of your gas pilot light
  • Your gas pilot light keeps extinguishing
  • Patches of dry grass or bubbling water on your property for no apparent reason
  • Higher than average gas bills, with no known reason
  • Health issues, such as headaches, nausea, confusion, fatigue, breathlessness or vomiting – especially if you were feeling fine before you entered your property or before using a certain gas appliance

What Should I Do if I Suspect a Leak?

Due to their highly flammable nature, gas leaks can be dangerous. Apart from calling Mr Emergency, you should do the following to protect your home and family if you detect a gas leak:

  • Turn off your gas and electricity at the meter (if you are able to)
  • Open as many windows and doors as possible to ventilate your home
  • Do not operate any electrical items including light switches
  • Never use fans to try and help with the ventilation
  • Do not use a telephone or torch in the immediate area of the leak
  • Never use an open flame
  • Go outside to a well ventilated area far away from the suspected leak

Never attempt a DIY fix for a gas leak – it is a job for a professional. This will ensure your family’s safety.

Mr Emergency Benefits

To ensure your complete satisfaction, we offer these great Mr Emergency benefits:

  • Fully qualified and licensed gas fitters who take regular refresher courses
  • One year warranty on all workmanship, parts and materials
  • Comprehensive public liability insurance
  • Always arrive on time
  • Fixed prices and interest free payment plans
  • Certificates of compliance issued in line with government standards and regulations

At Mr Emergency, we also provide a full range of electrical and air conditioning services to homes and businesses across the country, alongside our gas fitting services.

Interest Free

Here at Mr Emergency, we understand that gas leaks have to be fixed and that you don’t always have the funds available to pay for the work immediately.  That’s why we offer our customers a range of $0 deposit, interest free payment plans**.  You get to choose between weekly and fortnightly repayment options. The application process is easy, with most of our customers getting accepted straight away. Our plumbers can set you up when at your place and once you’re approved they can start work immediately. You can also pay with cash or cheque. Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit card payments can be made using the facilities in our vans.

Getting a qualified gas fitter to your place fast just takes a call to the team at Mr Emergency. Contact us today for an emergency gas leak service.




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Fixed prices, pay by the job not by the hour
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$0 deposit, interest free payment options**
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