Frequently Asked Questions about Sensor Lights

Sensor lights illuminate outdoor areas after detecting any movement, animal, human or even vehicle. It works by sensing heatwaves, triggering a light which stays on for a set time. The light turns on whenever motion is detected. It’ll turn off after the object moves away.

Sensors are a great security system due to their ability to deter unwanted guests. They can be used indoors as a night light, too.

Depending on the model, sensor lights can have a range of 70 feet or more, and roughly a 240 degree view of the surrounds.

Animals will be picked up by the infrared detector, which can be annoying at times. Even a car driving past can cause your sensor light to go off if it’s sensitive enough.

That’s why we recommended fine tuning your settings to best suit the environment. You can decrease the range so your lights are not triggered by unwanted distractions.