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Don't wait when your roofing requires urgent attention. We have emergency technicians available right now in Altona, 3018!

Roof Restoration Altona

For a roof restoration in Altona, you can't go past Mr Emergency Roofing. A Mr Emergency roof restoration leaves you with a roof that looks like new and adds great value to your home. These are the benefits:

  • No more leaks
  • Great looking roof
  • Increase in value

There's nothing like the peace of mind that comes from knowing that everything is in apple-pie order with any possible leaks forestalled.

Stormwater Sorted

With Mr Emergency roof restoration, the next time it rains heavily the gutters will be ready to send the stormwater through a clear downpipe and down the stormwater drain as it should. No more puddles to jump over.

Repair the Roof

Roof restoration starts with roof repair. If you have a tiled roof that means checking the ridges and, if necessary, rebedding and repointing the ridge tiles with fresh mortar.

Valleys and Flashing

The internal gutters called valleys are cleared of debris, checked for rust or other damage and the valley irons replaced if need be. The flashing around chimneys and skylights is examined and restored to prime condition.

Professional Clean

High pressure cleaning comes next. Depending on what sort of roof you have (metal, cement tile or terracotta) we can complete the job with painting or sterilisation to prevent the regrowth of moss and lichen.

Roof Painting Altona

Mr Emergency is your best local Altona roofing painting choice when the time comes to repaint your roof. A couple of coats of roof paint does absolute wonders. First, though, your roof needs to be pressure cleaned and in good repair. We put on a primer and two coats of roofing paint to have your tired old roof looking brand new.

Street Appeal

Roof painting will boost the street appeal of your house enormously. When you consider that one third of what people can see of your house from the street is the roof, it's by far the most effective way to enhance its appearance. It's also a great way to change the appearance of your house for the better with a fresh new colour.

Metal Roofs and Tiled Roofs

Mr Emergency Roofing paints all sorts of roofs except for terracotta tiles. You can have your metal roofing or cement tiles looking like new again with a quality paint job anywhere in Altona, VIC.

Altona Roof Repairs

Leaking roof repairs are not something you can delay in Altona. You never know when the next heavy shower will worsen the problem and ruin your ceilings.

Prevent Possums

Leaks are the most obvious things needing to be repaired, but you also should keep in mind that any gaps will be exploited by Altona's army of possums who are always looking for a roof space to live in. Mr Emergency Roofing can secure your roof against such unwanted residents.

Cracked Roofing Tiles

COLORBOND roofing is famously durable and rarely needs to be replaced, but terracotta and cement tiles can and do crack.

Rebed and Repoint Ridge Caps

One of the most common roof repairs also involves tiled roofs. The ridges on these roofs have ridge cap tiles that are held in place by a mortar cement. This mortar deteriorates over time, looks unsightly and has to be renewed from time to time. Full renewal of the ridge caps involves rebedding and repointing the ridge tiles whereas minor repairs just involve the necessary repointing.

Rusty Roofs

Metal roofing is susceptible to rust which needs to be eliminated if your metal roofing is to keep doing its job of keeping the rain out.

Gutters Too

Roof repair includes both roofing and guttering because fixing one and neglecting the other is a false economy.

Altona Gutters and Downpipes

Gutters and downpipes in Altona are part of your roofing system. Mr Emergency Roofing knows that blocked gutters or downpipes can lead to problems that can damage your house. We can clear downpipes and even stormwater drains across all vic metro areas so that rainwater flows away from your house as it is supposed to.

Box Gutters and Rainheads

We also clean, repair and replace all types of gutters. That includes box gutters, the internal gutters which frequently require rainheads and sumps to help deal with heavy rain. You'll find that Mr Emergency is the roof plumbing specialist servicing all suburbs of Melbourne and delivering quality workmanship.

Roof Plumbing

Mr Emergency Roofing does it all, from plumbing in your rainwater tank to cleaning your gutters. The whole look of a roof restoration can be ruined if you don't also renew the guttering and downpipes, so don't neglect them when having the roof done.

Re-roofing in Altona

Sometimes a roof restoration is not the best option. There comes a point where roof repairs are only a short term patch up. That's the point at which you have to consider re-roofing.

COLORBOND® Steel Solution

A rusty metal roof can be just too difficult to clean and paint. Re-roofing with durable COLORBOND® steel roofing is often the only reasonable long term solution. Mr Emergency Roofing can complete your roof replacement without fuss and leave your property clean and tidy. Not only that, modern COLORBOND® steel roofing is solar reflective and can increase your home's energy efficiency. It is ideal for Victoria's hot summers because COLORBOND® steel roofing doesn't retain heat as tiles do.

No More Leaks

A roof replacement is the best way to guarantee that there won't be any more leaks. Mr Emergency Roofing is the best choice when it comes to roof replacement in Altona.

Interest Free Altona Roof Restoration and Replacement

The cost of a roof replacement or a roof restoration doesn't need to be a burden. It's clearly a worthwhile investment that will increase both the amenity and value of your home. You don't have to pay it all at once with our convenient interest free** payment plans. Some even require $0 upfront deposit! Available through providers Zip and Humm, you can also enjoy the flexibility of choosing a weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayment schedule.

Leaking Roof Repairs Any Time in Altona

The time that you realise you need roof repairs is rarely during business hours. When a leak in the roof leaves your house vulnerable to water coming inside, you shouldn't waste any time getting someone in to fix it. Mr Emergency Roofing is available at any time, 24/7 including public holidays. You really don't want a leak finding its way down your roofing timbers and making them damp. That can only lead to expensive trouble. There's no reason not to get Mr Emergency out straight away because our rates are the same all the time all day, every day. Including weekends and public holidays.

Same Prices 24/7

That's right, no extra charges for coming out on a Sunday evening. So if you want friendly service from fully qualified roofers, contact us at Mr Emergency Roofing. We can be with you within an hour*.

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