Frequently Asked Questions about Gas Fitting

Neglected gas appliances and gas connections can pose a serious health risk. Therefore, you want to keep on top of maintenance and routine servicing.

If natural gas leaks into your home it can certainly be a danger. One wrong step and you could also cause a devastating fire. Whether it’s a gas heater, gas hot water system or gas stove, all appliances should be annually serviced and monitored.

Booking regular services for your gas fittings can keep you and your home safe. All gas services must be carried out by a licensed gas plumber and a certificate of compliance will be provided upon completion.

A certificate of compliance is a legal document showing that your gas fittings all meet your state’s requirements. For gas and electrical jobs it must be provided within 30 days of completion. A certificate of compliance must be provided within seven days of completing a relevant plumbing job.

The document is clear evidence that:

  • your work has been completed by a licensed tradesperson
  • all appropriate Australian Standards, regulations and rules have been followed
  • existing issues and safety concerns have been acknowledged
  • the completed work has been tested and is safe

In terms of gas fitting, a certificate of compliance must be provided for installations, gas leak repairs, conversions and gas pipe extensions. It is not necessary for maintenance or repairs on existing appliances, however, a service report or invoice should still be provided.