Frequently Asked Questions about Hydronic Heating

Hydronic heaters don’t need as much maintenance as air conditioning systems or a wall furnace.

They are closed systems, and so are not exposed to any harsh elements.

In saying that, the boiler will benefit from annual service by a licensed technician.

Hydronic heating should take full effect in about 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the room’s size.

Putting the system on a timer in winter is the best way to ensure your house is nice and toasty when you arrive home at the end of the day.

Yes, you can. However, this does depend on how your home has been built.

If your home has been built on a concrete slab, installing a hydronic heater may not be possible. However, an older home may be able to accommodate.

Consult with a licensed technician for advice on the best option for your home.