Frequently Asked Questions about Duct Cleaning

The beginning or the finish of the heating or cooling season is an ideal time to clean out your HVAC ducts. When you are retiring your evaporative air conditioner for the winter, it is not only a good time to clean the unit on the roof, but to also clean the air ducts. The autumn is also the perfect time to get your reverse cycle ducted heating and cooling ready for the new season.

A reverse cycle system has been working hard cooling your home during summer could do with a spruce up for the change to heating in the coming winter. Autumn is also the best time to clean the air ducts of your gas ducted heater.  The gas heater has probably been sitting idle for a number of months after working hard through the previous winter.

Cleaning up the ducts just before the cold weather sets in will give you cleaner air from a more efficient system right when you need it.  You really don’t want to start it up on the first cold and rainy night and have a stale musty odour throughout the house.

It depends how much dust and pet hair is drawn into the system. Generally, you clean your air ducts every 2 to 5 years, but it makes sense to make it part of the maintenance schedule for your heater or cooler on an annual basis.  That way it’s easy to remember.

Keep in mind that it is the respiratory system of your home and that you don’t want poor indoor air quality.  It’s often necessary to clean air ducts after renovating. If you have been creating a whole lot of dust, the ducts will suck in a lot of that material.  Having pets who shed a lot of hair also shortens the time between air duct cleans.

The cost of an air duct cleaning service depends on dirty your system and how big it is. Mr Emergency’s duct cleaning service includes cleaning all vent registers, return air duct, fan, air filter and, of course, the inside of the ducts.

Our upfront pricing policy means that we offer a fixed price before work commences. What’s more, we have no deposit finance options** payment plans available that you can pay in weekly or fortnightly instalments.  Call Mr Emergency for air duct cleaning today.