Frequently Asked Questions about Burst Pipes

A pipe bursting can cause extensive damage to your interior and exterior walls. If your pipe bursts inside the wall, your insulation may grow when it becomes saturated with water. Your home may also be in danger of an increased risk of fire because of any electrical wiring exposed to water. Luckily for you, our Mr Emergency service includes a range of electrical service. If an electrician is required for your pipe fix, our plumbers will organise it for you.

Our expert, local plumbers have the expertise to fix any problem. They can even provide a water hammer fix. What is water hammer? It is a hydraulic shock that occurs in old pipes after a valve shuts off suddenly. You will also hear a series of loud bangs when the water pressure increases in your pipes. This is where the ‘hammer’ name comes from.

How long it takes to repair your burst pipe depends on a range of factors, from the location of your pipe to the cause of the burst.
Generally speaking, your burst pipe can be fixed within the day. Some repairs might only take a few hours even!

Technically speaking, yes a pipe can burst if the water freezes. This is because frozen water has a greater volume than liquid water, and so puts excess pressure on the pipe and can cause it to burst.
In Australia, however, we’re lucky to escape temperatures so cold that our pipes can burst!