Frequently Asked Questions about Burst Pipes

Immediately shut off the water flow to reduce the likelihood of burst pipes causing damage and moisture build up. Then, search for a reliable plumbing company to repair the pipe, replace it or perform pipe relining to complete the job.

Pipes typically burst underground or outside the home close to the hot water system. Expanding tree roots can cause pipes to split open, and steel pipes can rust with the corrosion causing them to waste away and leak. Above ground, pipes can freeze and expand in cold climates, breaking open. In addition, pressure can build in a faulty system which would also cause similar problems.

A clamp or sleeve repair kit will provide a temporary fix. These can be purchased at all good hardware or trade stores. However, a professional repair, replacement or relining is required to guarantee the problem is completely dealt with.

Excessive water pressure, tree roots, corrosion, freezing temperatures and accidental damage are related to busted pipes. If at any point you experience these problems, isolate water at the taps and call a professional before your home gets too wet!