Frequently Asked Questions about Hot Water Systems

The lifespan of your hot water system will depend on the type of unit and how well it’s looked after. Electric storage tanks are rated from 8 to 12 years, while continuous flow systems last up to 20 years. Storage tanks hold large quantities of water and can corrode quicker. Of course, regular servicing can expand the lifespan of a hot water unit for many more years to come.

If your system is older than 8 years it’s worth considering replacement. Storage units are rated to last from 8 to 12 years, so replacing them could be more cost-effective. Modern systems are also more energy efficient, meaning they can lower running costs and help save money on electricity bills by upgrading.

Newer systems should be repaired as they could still be under warranty, or potentially one or two parts can be replaced, and your system will continue performing well for years to come.

This will change depending on what is recommended by the manufacturer, although a service every 12 months is often the recommendation.

A service includes flushing the system, removing any sediment, deep cleaning and inspection of parts, including the sacrificial anode, heater coils, and all plumbing connections. This can catch any potential faults for repair before they spiral out into major problems.

Many manufacturers also require servicing for warranty purposes. Fail to have a system serviced regularly, and they may not replace the unit if it breaks down.

Mr Emergency offers same day hot water installation regardless of the time you call. We operate 24/7, with emergency services within the hour*. Of course, some jobs take longer than others, so there’s potential for the work to extend into day 2. However, a like-for-like replacement can be completed quick smart, so there’s no downtime or cold showers.

Yes, of course! We can remove your old electric hot water unit or gas model and have it recycled once we’ve finished installing your brand-new hot water system. We dispose of these ethically to help reduce waste and keep your yard free from clutter.