Frequently Asked Questions about Split Systems

There’s a wide range of split system brands, and many of them are highly regarded as quality products.

Mr Emergency works with numerous brands, and can either install your brand new air conditioner, or supply one of our own.

No matter the quality brand, we work with them, including the likes of Mitsubishi, Braemar, Daikin, Brivis, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, LG and more.

The best brand for most likely depends on your individual needs, and we’re happy to help work through that process together.

Yes, although it depends on what you mean by this! Your split system can cool or heat multiple rooms at a time, although it works best in a defined space.

For example, if you want to cool an open plan loungeroom and dining room, if you have a door leading to a hallway, close it so you can properly capture the cool air. Or, you could pair the air con with a fan which can help push the cooler air around.

Meanwhile, you can install multiple split system units in a home which run off the same outdoor unit. This way your cooling is connected throughout the same generator but can cool or heat rooms individually.

Split system units are the most common form of air conditioning. This is because they’re easy to install, simple to use and very efficient.

Split systems are comprised of two parts that are split between an external unit and an internal unit. The external unit pumps air from outside in through its compressor, turning it from warm to cold or cold to warm.

This air is then dispersed throughout your room from the head unit that is mounted on your wall. They are effective for heating or cooling open living spaces and single rooms. The temperature can be easily set by the press of a button.