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Mr Emergency repairs and installs all makes and models of gas hot water systems. We operate 24/7, so you never have to be without hot water.

Hot Water Gas Heater Service

At Mr Emergency, we understand the importance of choosing the right hot water heater for your requirements. We can assess your needs and the characteristics of your property before recommending the best gas hot water solution. We can have a fully qualified plumber/gas-fitter to your door within the hour*. Our plumbers are available 24 hours a day – every day of the year, including public holidays. We are always local in the case of an emergency.

Gas hot water systems come in two mains types – instantaneous/continuous flow and storage tank. These are powered by gas from your main gas supply or from liquid petroleum gas (LPG) bottles. The upfront cost of a gas hot water system can be higher than an electric hot water system but is generally cheaper to run.

Instant gas hot water systems, continuous flow and storage tank gas hot water systems have benefits. Your friendly plumber from Mr Emergency can help you decide which type of system is best for you and your home. We supply, repair, service and install all makes and models of gas hot water systems.

Common Issues

Some common issues with your heater that require Mr Emergency’s attentions are:

  • No hot water
  • A lower temperature than usual or water fluctuations
  • Discoloured water
  • Clanging sounds within your gas storage tank
  • A burst or leaking gas storage tank
  • Your gas hot water system pilot light keeps extinguishing
  • Higher than average gas bills for no apparent reason

Mr Emergency Benefits

To ensure your complete satisfaction, we offer these great Mr Emergency benefits:

  • Fully qualified and licensed plumbers and gas fitters who take regular refresher courses
  • One year warranty on all workmanship, parts and materials
  • Comprehensive public liability insurance
  • Always arrive on time
  • Fixed prices and interest free payment plans
  • Certificates of compliance issued in line with government standards and regulations

At Mr Emergency, we also provide a full range of electrical and air conditioning services to homes and businesses across the country, alongside our plumbing and gas fitting services.

Which System Is Best?

Which gas hot water system is best? That’s the age-old question and it depends on your home. From Rinnai Infinity 26 to Rinnai B26, Rheem Stellar and Aquamax 390, our local experts are experienced with all makes and models of gas water heating.

Our technicians have the expertise to assess your property and recommend the best system for your needs. They will analyse the size of your household, how many occupants there are and suggest a system to accommodate.

Gas Hot Water Systems Prices

Here at Mr Emergency, we understand that hot water systems have to be fixed and that you don’t always have the funds available to pay for the work immediately.  That’s why we offer our customers a range of $0 deposit, interest free payment plans**.  You get to choose between weekly and fortnightly repayment options. The application process is easy, with most of our customers getting accepted straight away. Our plumbers can set you up when at your place and once you’re approved they can start work immediately. You can also pay with cash or cheque. Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit card payments can be made using the facilities in our vans.

Getting a qualified plumber to your place fast just takes a call to the team at Mr Emergency. Contact us today for your hot water needs.

Mr Emergency Does It All

Here at Mr Emergency, we don’t just deal with hot water. We also have expert plumbers, gas fitters and air conditioning specialists on hand to respond to any of your emergencies.

For more information about getting your system fixed right away, contact Mr Emergency today.




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