Frequently Asked Questions about Cooktop Installation

Yes, you do. It’s a requirement under Australian law that you have a licensed professional install your oven or cooktop. It doesn’t matter if the unit is electric or gas.

Both must be installed by the appropriate expert – an electrician or gas fitter – who will then provide a certificate of compliance and log the install with the correct governing body.

Induction cooktops cook fast and efficiently, and use less electricity than standard electric cooktops. For these reasons, they’re favoured by chefs. Even Gordon Ramsay has induction cookers in his home.

The only downside is that non-stick aluminium pans don’t work with these cooktops. Instead, you will need to use cast iron or magnetic stainless steel pots and pans.

Induction is so fast and efficient that these impressive cooktops can have lower running costs than gas alternatives. However, the savings might not be great enough for you to consider upgrading unless you are already in the market for a new appliance.