Frequently Asked Questions about Blocked Stormwater Drains

The stormwater and sewer drains generally become blocked by one or both of two things. These are build-up of dirt and debris, or invading tree roots.
Any drain is susceptible to blockages no matter how well it’s looked after. It could be a stormwater drain in the backyard or one in the front yard. It doesn’t matter where it is. Stormwater and sewer drains are no exception. Outside, there are many materials such as dirt, leaves and garden waste. These can enter your stormwater or sewer drains and prevent the flow of stormwater or sewerage leaving your property.
Often coming in through already present cracks, tree roots will quickly grow and intertwine with other leaves and debris in your pipes. This forms a mass large enough to block water flow on your stormwater and sewer drains.

A plumber has a few tools available to them to unblock your stormwater drain:

  • CCTV drain camera
  • Electric drain cleaner
  • Hydro jet drain cleaner

Depending on your blockage, a licensed plumber will select the best tool for your stormwater blockage.