Frequently Asked Questions about Wall Furnaces

If you can regularly smell gas coming out of your gas wall furnace, the most likely fault is a gas leak.

This is an immediate concern as a gas leak can cause health issues, including more minor complaints such as headaches, dizziness and nausea. More seriously, it could lead to unconsciousness and worse if unnoticed. The fire risk around a gas wall furnace is also incredibly high.

While you should expect some faint gas smell during start-up, if you do notice recurring odours and any health issues, contact a licensed gas fitter from Mr Emergency.

The two most common reasons for a wall furnace to not stay lit, or even light up in the first place, is a faulty pilot light or thermocouple.

Dirt, dust and debris can clog the pilot light, causing ignition issues. If it does work initially, the flame may also be weaker than it should or flicker off.

Likewise, if the thermocouple is damaged in any way, or reacting to the colder pilot light, it will indicate to your wall heater it should turn off.

A thorough service is required in this case to search for the problem, and also rule out a potential gas leak.

When renovating or updating a home, you’ll likely want to have a gas wall furnace which matches the new look. Obviously the big question is whether you can paint something which then provides heat? Could the potential fumes be harmful?

In short, you must use heat resistant paint. Otherwise, there could be a health risk. But with the right type of paint, you will be just fine. Also, make sure to remove the cover when painting and let it dry thoroughly.

Consult local paint experts for more information.