Frequently Asked Questions about Doorbell Camera Installation

A doorbell camera is a Wi-Fi enabled device that has motion detectors, a camera and a speaker. It allows you to remotely answer the door from anywhere and record any activity in the camera’s view.

When someone pushes the button, it chimes like a traditional doorbell. You can answer it in the ordinary way, or you can answer it on your phone or tablet wherever you happen to be. Bluetooth variants are also available.

Doorbell cameras do not necessarily need a Wi-Fi connection. If your carrier allows video streaming and you have a 4G connection, the video doorbell is still fully functional wherever you have coverage.

Doorbell cameras can be connected to your existing wiring and chimes, but also communicate with your phone when rung. You can answer on your phone, see the visitor and conduct a conversation in real time. Most video doorbells also record what is happening once activated by motion and/or the doorbell being used.

Recording length is the amount of time your doorbell records after detecting motion. Before buying a doorbell camera, check recording length. Generally, it should be at least 30 seconds, which is adequate but longer than that is even better.