Frequently Asked Questions about Space Heaters

A space heater is a small, gas operated heating system. It is installed in a single room and must be flued externally so carbon monoxide can be safely released. Space heaters are cost effective and versatile for a range of rooms and interiors.

When referring to a space heater, it typically refers to small, portable heaters or a gas wall furnace. The term essentially is a broad one for a heater which heats a specific space.

It’s highly recommended you do not leave a space heater on for long without supervision. If you are home and in another room for a short period, that’s okay. However, you should not leave a heater on while no one is home or while sleeping as any faults could lead to a dangerous situation.

If you would like to leave a space heater on at night after you sleep, set a timer so it turns off after 30 minutes. Likewise, set a timer so the heater can turn on right before you wake up in the morning.

Typically, yes. If you’re heating one or two rooms at most, space heaters are quite cost effective. They will warm the room up quickly and if the fuel source is gas, the energy costs are low.

However, if you want to heat the whole house, ducted heating is most likely a better option for an even spread of heat. It’s important to remember there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to heating. Your home has specific needs which a certain type of heating, or cooling, may be better for.