Frequently Asked Questions about Switchboard

Simply put, your electrical switchboard distributes electricity from one source to another. It receives a power supply from the main grid, before diverting the current and voltage into more manageable amounts for your home’s appliances.

A safety switch monitors the flow of electricity throughout a circuit in your home. If a fault or leakage of current is detected it can switch off within a fraction of a second, providing instant protection from electrical shocks or dangerous sparking.

It is slightly different to a circuit breaker which detects high current faults or electrical overloads.

For the best protection, several safety switches are recommended as they can monitor and isolate various circuits. For example, your lighting circuit will be isolated from a kitchen circuit which provides power to the oven. Therefore, if one trips the other will not.

No. It is important you always call in a fully qualified electrician from Mr Emergency, for an emergency or even regular maintenance.

Switchboards must meet modern standards and regulations put in place by the Australian and state governments. Your electrician can ensure the regulations are met and your home is protected as it should be.