Frequently Asked Questions about Air Conditioning Maintenance

Many air conditioners filter the air in your home, removing contaminants. This means that those with allergies and asthma might actually benefit from using an air conditioner.

This is all provided your air conditioner is well maintained and serviced by a licensed air conditioner technician. A poorly maintained AC might actually have the opposite effect and blow more contaminants in than it keeps out!

We recommend leaving AC maintenance to a qualified professional rather than going down the DIY path.

You can and should clean the filters every three months to increase energy efficiency but there are various repairs and maintenance duties that should only be carried out by a licensed contractor. 

If you attempt to maintain an air conditioning system yourself, there is the possibility of voiding its warranty, as well as the potential to damage the system.

At Mr Emergency, we recommend an air conditioner service once a year.

Whether you’ve got a ducted heating and cooling system or a split system air conditioner, regular servicing will extend its lifespan.

The best time to schedule AC maintenance with Mr Emergency is before summer or winter, when you’re less likely to be using your system and there’s less demand for technicians.