Frequently Asked Questions about Sewer Pipes

Sewer pipes carry sewerage away from your home and into the public sewer system. The waste ends up at local waste treatment centres, where toxins, chemicals and other nasty things are removed from the water, so the clean recycled water can be reused in some way.

Most modern sewer pipes in your home are made from PVC piping. Older pipes are made of steel or iron, however they are becoming less common as PVC is used in replacement for any repairs. In some places, you will also come across clay pipes.

Modern PVC pipes are expected to last a whopping 100 years if maintained. It is possible for that lifespan to be shorter due to soil movement or external factors like tree roots and serious blockages.

A vent stack, or plumbing air vent, regulates airflow so that waste and water flows through pipes that drain out of your house. If the vent stack is blocked you might experience:

  • Water taking a long time to drain
  • Foul odours
  • Empty toilet tank
  • Gurgling sounds as water goes down the drain

So a blocked vent stack can cause serious problems in your plumbing system. Call Mr Emergency today for a licensed plumber if you suspect a vent stack blockage.