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Mr Emergency services, repairs and installs all Mitsubishi air conditioners. We charge the same rates on weekends and after hours.

Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning

Mitsubishi Electric has been innovating and working hard to make indoor life more enjoyable for over 100 years, with a proud history and at least 90 of those years focusing on air conditioning.

With a leading position in today’s marketplace, Mitsubishi Electric creates heating and cooling solutions for both domestic and commercial use. However, the residential air conditioners make Mitsubishi a household name and a favoured brand at Mr Emergency.

Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioners are reliable, efficient options backed by lengthy warranties.

But who do you call for urgent repairs? And what happens if the warranty expires?

Contact Mr Emergency. We have technicians in your area who are available 24 hours a day for repairs and new installations with no after hours surcharge. We can even be at your door within 30 minutes*.

Call Mr Emergency today!

Mitsubishi Electric AC Range

Mitsubishi Electric manufactures a wide range of products including fridges, fans and large screen displays. We’re focusing on their state of the art air conditioners which includes a system or two suited to every household and every requirement. Let’s take a closer look at the range:

Split System Air Conditioner

A Mitsubishi Electric reverse cycle split system air conditioner is quite the mouthful, but it’s also an energy efficient take on Australia’s most popular climate control.
You would recognise the split system as the familiar wall mounted unit installed in a central location.

These systems are favoured for their affordability, straightforward installation and cooling performance. Mitsubishi Electric split systems are suitable for large to medium sized rooms and offer unique features like air purification and ultra quiet operation. An air conditioner installed on the wall in the living room will deliver the cooling or heating airflow to meet a wide variety of needs.

Mitsubishi Electric models are also suited to a multi head split system setup. These innovative heating and cooling systems see multiple split systems connected across the home to just one outdoor unit. This way, you can have climate control in multiple rooms without upgrading to ducted AC.

Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Ducted air conditioners are recognised as the whole home heating and cooling solution which brings controlled comfort into as many rooms as desired.

Mitsubishi Electric offers a range of ducted systems capable of quality service. With ducted, the indoor unit is typically installed in the ceiling with insulated ducts and concealed vents providing the desired airflow into your rooms of choice. Fit your Mitsubishi Electric system with zoning capabilities to control each room individually making the system more energy efficient and catering to the needs of individuals.

Ducted air conditioners are managed via remote control, a wall mounted thermostat, or smartphone when connected to Wi-Fi. The Mitsubishi Electric range is vast, and there’s a ducted air conditioner model to suit every home.

Bulkhead Air Conditioning Units

For those who favour the convenience of a split system but appreciate the discrete nature of ducted, Mitsubishi bulkhead air conditioners could be the way to go. A unit is installed within an overhanging wall, making it an excellent option for those with limited space. Only the grille is visible from within the home. These ACs are also favoured for their energy efficiency and quiet operation.

When it comes to air conditioners, call Mr Emergency. We can be at your door today to install your Mitsubishi Electric model using our interest free** payment options.

Mr Emergency AC Services

The Mr Emergency team is available around the clock for a wide range of air conditioning and gas heating services. You can lock us in 24/7 for installation, servicing and repairs regarding:

  • Reverse cycle split system
  • Ducted air conditioning
  • Evaporative cooling
  • Multi head split systems
  • Ducted gas heating
  • Space heaters
  • Hydronic heating
  • Gas leak detection
  • Duct cleaning

Our team also includes licensed, fully qualified and experienced plumbers, roofers and electricians. So call us for a wide range of emergency work when you need us most.

Interest Free** Air Conditioners

Mr Emergency offers interest free** payment terms on all work. That’s the price of a new Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner installed in your home, repairs to the outdoor unit or thorough cleaning of your ducted system. This way, you can have the work completed today and manage the costs weekly, monthly or in a manner suited to your budget.

Simply choose a payment plan with one of our providers, Zip or Humm. You get the flexibility of weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments, depending on your choice of provider. Some plans even accept a $0 deposit, so there’s no upfront cost.

Your on-site technician can take you through the easy application process and approval usually takes only a few minutes. Then Mr Emergency can get on with installing or fixing your Mitsubishi unit.

We also accept payment by cash, cheque and credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express).

There’s no after-hours surcharge, so book us in for emergency services after dark for the same price as work completed at midday.

Why Call Mr Emergency?

Mr Emergency is a leading company in urgent trade services because gas leaks, faulty wiring and burst pipes simply cannot wait. Call us for work regarding Mitsubishi Electric products, and a whole bunch of benefits protect your investment. They include:

  • Service within 30 minutes*
  • 24/7 availability (including public holidays)
  • No after-hours surcharge
  • Upfront fixed-price quotes
  • 12-month workmanship warranty
  • Certificates of compliance
  • Interest free** payment options
  • Leading after sales service and tech support
  • Licensed, fully qualified technicians
  • Four trades under one roof

So don’t delay. Call Mr Emergency today for Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning work, and we can be at your door within 30 minutes*.

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