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5 Top Advantages of LED Lights

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5 Top Advantages of LED Lights

Incandescent lights once reigned supreme in Australia as the most popular type of light. With new technology, however, LED lights are proving to be the popular option in recent times.

LED lights have superseded old light types for many reasons.  We’ve got the top 5 advantages of LED lights so you can choose the best lights for your home.

1. LED Lights are Energy Efficient

According to the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources, LED lights use 75% less energy than halogen lights. Depending on your existing lights, some studies have even shown that making the switch to LEDs will save up to 90% of your lighting energy.

When compared to incandescent lights, Energy Rating has found that LED lighting products use 15-25% of the power required to output the same amount of light. They’re more energy efficient than halogen lights and also use less power than other efficient light types such as CFLs.

2. Cost Effective

Often when there’s energy efficiency, cost effectiveness is not far behind. If you were to replace 10 halogen lights in your home, you could expect to save $650 over 10 years on your electricity bill. That’s an advantage of LED lights you’ll want to take advantage of.

The upfront cost of your LED lights is often paid back in energy savings in less than 1 year. To top off this advantage, your LEDs will last you longer as well.

On average, your LED bulbs will last you 25 years. At the end of their lifespan, they don’t go out completely like other lights either. They produce a weaker light instead. This means you won’t be having to spend money on replacing your lights as often as you once did.

3. LED Lighting is Environmentally Friendly

All these advantages of LED lights make for a more environmentally friendly light as well. The environmental benefits don’t stop at energy efficiency, however. LEDs’ longer lifespan also means there won’t be as many lights going to landfill.

On top of this, LEDs are 100% recyclable. They also don’t contain potentially harmful chemicals such as mercury which require specialist disposal. Using LED lighting will definitely reduce your carbon footprint.

4. LEDs keep their cool

One major advantage of LED lights is how safe they are. When compared to other lighting types, LEDs produce minimal heat.

More energy is lost through heat with older light types than is used to actually produce light! Because LEDs produce so little heat, almost all energy is converted into light, so you aren’t wasting energy and money.

5. Smart LED Lighting

If smart technology is your thing, LED products are right up your alley. Many LED lights have smart capabilities that let you control them at a whole new level.

Ever wanted to time your lights to turn on as your alarm goes off in the morning? What about switching your LED lighting on from your phone when you get home late at night?

Smart LED lights let you do all of this, plus so much more. You can alter your smart LEDs to switch between warm and cool lights, and even lets you select between up to 16 million different colours. That’s right – you can choose the exact colour temperature that you like.

Want to know more about LED lights? Contact Mr Emergency and we can help you out with these top quality products.

Please note: This information is provided for advice purposes only. Regulations differ from state to state, so please consult your local authorities or an industry professional before proceeding with any work. See our Terms & Conditions here.

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