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There’s nothing worse than having a relaxing public holiday or – even better – a full long weekend interrupted by a sudden plumbing, electrical, or air conditioning hiccup, right? Just when you’re about to kick back and enjoy some well-earned rest!

But hey, life has its own plans, and sometimes those plans include unexpected surprises. The good news? You’ve got a friend in Mr Emergency, ready and waiting to swoop in and save the day, any time, day or night. We’re here to zap away the stress of any public holiday mishaps so you can get back to enjoying that precious downtime.

No Extra Charges for Unexpected Emergencies

Whether it’s a clogged drain, a burst pipe predicament, getting your air con to behave, or fixing a faulty power point, Mr Emergency has got your back. We cover most major mainland cities and some regional spots across Australia, with our team of friendly and qualified plumbers, electricians, and air con experts aiming to be at your door within 30 minutes* of your call.

And guess what? We don’t believe in hiking up prices just because it’s a public holiday. Plus, we’ve got some handy payment plans up our sleeves because we know all too well that emergencies don’t tend to check your wallet first.

Fancy a chat or need our help? Just give us a call or book online anytime. We’re all ears, 24/7.

Mr Emergency Selling Points
Service Within 30 Minutes Service Within 30 mins*
All Day Every Day Same Rates All Day Every Day Same Rates
Finance Options With $0 Deposit Finance Options Available**
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