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How Bad is Water Damage to a House?

how bad is water damage to a home

Sprung a Leak?

Have you found the telltale signs of water damage on your ceiling? Suspect a roof leak? If the leak is only small, you might think you’ll be fine leaving it for a little while. But do you know how bad water damage is to a house? We do, and we’re telling you not to postpone roof leak repair.

Leave your roof leak too long, and over time you’ll be facing worse and worse consequences.

Water Damage In Minutes

In the very immediate short term, water leaking from your ceiling will spread out, enlarging the affected area. This larger surface area will increase the cost of any water damage restoration you might pursue in the future.

Furniture sitting on top of wet carpet will start leeching any stains into the carpet. Any furnishings with finishes that are sensitive to water and moisture will most likely be immediately affected. These often turn white in the presence of moisture.

Your ceiling will start to show damp patches from the leak.

Right from the get-go, a leaking roof will damage your furniture and furnishings, as well as any carpet or rugs you might have!

Water Damage in Hours

Within a few hours, you might start to notice any wooden furniture beginning to delaminate and swell. Any dyes that are non-colourfast will also begin to bleed, whether that’s your carpet, a couch, or anything in between.

About that smelly shoe smell in the bedroom or the dusty smell in your kitchen from the exhaust fan. The increased humidity in your home from the roof leak will only work to amplify those.

Water Damage in Days

Leave a leaking roof for too many days, and much of this damage might be irreversible. This means you’ll be left with a whole lot of expensive replacements and repairs.

That nice wallpaper you put up, or the feature wall you painstakingly selected the perfect colour for will start peeling away and blistering.

Severe water damage to your wooden furniture will show itself by extreme swelling and warping. Wooden floors that are seriously damaged might not be salvageable if they get to this stage.

Any wooden structural members which experience this begin to run the risk of not being able to support your home properly. At this point in your roof leak, you start running the risk of a roof collapse, putting your home and family at serious risk.

On top of this risk, after a few days of having a moist and wet environment with uncontrolled temperatures, bacteria, mould and fungi will start growing. Breathing these in can even make you sick!

Water Damage in Weeks

After a few weeks, all the problems above only become worse.

That mould and bacteria from last week has since had time to grow and multiply. This means any symptoms you might have been experiencing earlier are likely only to get worse. And if you were lucky enough to not be affected before, your chances of being affected are greater now.

Not only will your roof leak cause you to feel sick, but the mould that grows can take root and damage your home even more than it already has.

In severe cases of mould and bacteria growth, you might even need to be evacuated from your home. To top this whole experience off, the affected area might need to be completely gutted and replaced.

Don’t wait around for a few weeks before having your roof leak repaired. As soon as you notice a roof leak, contact Mr Emergency and we can be at your door within the hour* for roof leak repairs.