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Open Christmas and New Year

Open All Day and All Night

Christmas is the time when everything shuts down.  But not at Mr Emergency. Not only are we open every single day over the festive season, but we are also open all night.  We’re busier than Father Christmas. Do you have guests arriving for the big day and your hot water system is playing up? Mr Emergency can deal with it at any time.  Better than that, you pay no more after hours.  That’s right, we charge the same as we would on any normal day of the week.

Get Jobs Done

Christmas holiday time is the perfect time for getting things done around the house.  Why not take advantage of our rates and get any plumbing or electrical work you want done sorted out while you are at home.

Festive BBQ

What about if you are having people around for a holiday BBQ feast and are not sure if there’s enough bottled gas. It’s the perfect time to connect your BBQ to the gas mains, so this is never a problem again and you can even cook a big turkey without any worries.

New Year Coming

The weather over the holidays is bound to be hot at some time, so if you haven’t already, it is a good idea to have your air conditioning serviced, especially if you’re having guests to stay.  You don’t want them sweating through those hot summer nights. Mr Emergency has qualified air con technicians who can make sure that everything is cool.

Festive Emergency

It doesn’t have to be an emergency for you to call on a technician this Christmas. All those jobs you’ve put off because work gets in the way can be done by Mr Emergency while you relax.  That’s because you pay no more on public holidays or after hours.  You can make things even easier on the budget by using our no deposit interest free payment plans** that you can pay off in weekly or fortnightly instalments.

But if it is an emergency and the holiday looks like becoming a nightmare because on Christmas Eve the toilet blocks, Mr Emergency is here for you no matter what time of the day or night it is.

So have a merry Christmas and enjoy the holidays with the knowledge that should anything go wrong, Mr Emergency is just a phone call away.