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What Happens To Plumbing When It Is Not Used?

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What Happens When Water Gets Old?

While millions of Australian’s work from home during the coronavirus pandemic, water is sitting dormant in the pipes of many buildings across the nation.

When water isn’t flowing, organisms and potentially dangerous chemicals can build up. Water can reach an unsafe level when it sits in pipes for just a few days, so what happens when it is unused for months?

Just like food that sits in a fridge for too long, water can become unsafe when it sits in a pipe for too long. It is important to think about how this could make you sick.

Bacteria that cause harmful diseases such as Legionnaire’s, can grow. If not maintained, devices can become organism incubators.

Our technicians here at Mr Emergency provide a range of plumbing maintenance services to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.

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At Mr Emergency, all our plumbing maintenance services come with a workmanship guarantee. We also issue certificates of compliance which assures you we are operating within government standards and regulations.

Keep The Water Flowing

To avoid water issues and plumbing emergencies, it is advised that water is regularly flushed throughout piping systems. Most water providers add disinfectants to water that help to kill organisms, but these chemicals can disappear over time. The best way to ensure your building taps are clean is to simply flush your water supply regularly.

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