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Why You May Need a Digital TV Antenna

Why You May Need a Digital TV Antenna

How to Solve Poor TV Reception

Are you experiencing poor reception on your television? Still wondering about the benefits of a digital TV antenna? Or perhaps you’ve simply redesigned your living room and now you need a new TV connection point. It’s the ideal time to upgrade with a brand spanking new TV antenna installation.

Now, you don’t actually need a digital TV antenna to receive digital transmission. You’ve likely been receiving it for years now.

Free-to-air TV switched from analogue to digital back in 2013, which meant more channels with better picture quality. It also meant greater access right across Australia, giving rural areas the same TV services as the major cities and suburbs.

But making the antenna installation change might mean a considerable improvement in the quality of picture you’re receiving. There are plenty of locations where signal strength has always waivered, but with improved technology, you could be missing out on plenty of action.

Is a Digital TV Antenna Necessary?

You might be receiving digital transmission with your old analogue antenna. However, if that aerial is more than 15 years old, you’re probably not getting the best quality picture. Digital TV antennas are regarded by some experts as the most important part of the digital system.

Most people are now using digital TVs, which offer a wider range of frequencies. It therefore makes sense to make the switch to a digital TV antenna, the level of technology which best suits the television. It also makes sense that a digital antenna is specifically designed to receive digital TV signals.

Don’t forget that if you’re in a busy household you can run up to six TVs on a good antenna. You might solve a number of arguments by enhancing your current system with a digital TV antenna.

Because, let’s face it, there are some things best viewed live on television. Digital TV antennas might solve your problem.

Different Types of Digital TV Antennas

The type of digital TV antenna you choose will have an impact on your television’s performance. Here’s a glance at the different types of digital TV antennas on the market:

  • Indoor antennas – This is the simplest type to install but you will lose signal quality. You may need to put the indoor antenna near a window in an elevated spot.
  • Outdoor antennas – Outdoor digital TV antennas are the best for signal strength and the most common type. There are two main types of outdoor antennas – directional (focusing the wireless signal in a specific direction) and omnidirectional (providing a 360º radiation pattern).
  • Loft antennas – This type is installed in your loft area. These TV antennas are difficult to install but the quality of digital signals can be good, and the antennas are protected from the elements.

What Could Be Causing Bad Reception?

If you have an outdoor digital TV antenna in place and you’re still experiencing poor reception, you need to check some of the other elements of your television setup.

There are a few easy visual inspections you can undertake to ensure everything is in great working order. So, if you have bad reception, be sure to:

  • Inspect your TV’s connectors and cables to ensure they are in working order and properly connected.
  • Check the situation of your TV antenna from the ground (don’t climb on the roof), make sure it hasn’t been damaged by the weather and it’s pointing in the correct direction.
  • Make sure your digital TV antenna is set up for the correct polarisation for your area. Signals are either broadcast horizontally or vertically (aka signal polarisation).
  • Re-tune the TV to make sure you’re getting all of your subscribed channels.
  • Check there hasn’t been any new construction nearby which is now blocking your signal (an unlikely cause, but interference is possible).

How to Boost Your TV Reception

If your signal strength is poor despite having a digital TV antenna in place and you can’t find any other problems, you may need a TV antenna booster.

Remember there are two main components to a digital TV signal – signal power and signal quality. You can adjust your signal power with a TV antenna booster, but it may not improve your signal quality. To improve signal quality, you may need to relocate your TV antenna to a higher spot.

You may also require a larger antenna to improve your range, although most metropolitan areas receive high quality signals. But there are some locations which experience regular interruptions. For example, if you live in a valley, you could find your signal fluctuates.

Therefore, you want to improve both signal quality and signal power to ensure no big moments are missed on the telly. This is a tried-and-tested method.

In Short: A Fitting Finale

There’s no doubt that a digital TV antenna is going to give you the best quality reception on a digital television. If you’re still living in the past with an old analogue aerial, you might be surprised with the level of improvement to your TV picture.

If you’re planning to upgrade your system to a digital TV antenna, or perhaps you’re considering a newer model with better cables, or you need new TV points in your living room, you’ll need a professional technician to get the work done. There’s no need for you to go climbing on the roof.

These days many people listen to radio stations through their TV setup, and well-placed TV antennas will even help with VHF (very high frequency) and UHF (ultra-high frequency) radio signals.

You’ll enjoy more channels, a better signal and better entertainment in general – the whole household will be grateful for digital TV antennas. Contact Mr Emergency today for more information.

Please note: This information is provided for advice purposes only. Regulations differ from state to state, so please consult your local authorities or an industry professional before proceeding with any work. See our Terms & Conditions here.

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